The capital city Kathmandu, with culture and arts, is at the heart of Nepal. Kathmandu is one of the densely populated cities in Nepal and almost one-third of the total population of  resides only in Kathmandu.

With the high in population density, it is also the third most expensive cities in South Asia after Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Colombo (Srilanka). The accommodation, food, transportation, health, clothing, and entertainment ( living cost) will vary from to expensive.

The person can choose from expensive to cheapest according to their budget and it’s sure that more the money, they will get better quality.

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Living on a dollar a day in Nepal is choosing a high exchange rate to use for the Nepali rupee against the American dollar, working with 107rps each/day as an average, although for simplicities sake, thinking of 100 rupees as one dollar or 100 cents.

They are planning to do it for a whole month with no breaks, meaning their budget as a couple is $60 for the month, or 6420 rps.

Living on a dollar is not only our food it also includes cosmetics, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, vehicle repairs, and any medicine we might need.

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