Losing your phone or keys may just seem like a forgetful trait. However, if such incidents are too often, chances are that there could be a problem with your memory.

People of any age can experience memory loss. But, do you know what the causes of memory loss are? Here are the major reasons.

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Mental health is as important or more so than body health.

Sleep Apnea

A sleep disorder called ‘Sleep Apnea’ is associated with memory and is one of the causes of memory loss. Sleep apnea is the medical term in which breathing is repeatedly interrupted while sleeping. This disorder includes waking up with a headache and loud snoring.

Silent Stroke

A silent stroke is another cause that blocks blood vessels in the brain. Stroke can also result in the blood leakage of a vessel into the brain. This can lead to memory loss. However, most strokes cause short-term memory loss.

Certain Medicines

Medicines like sleeping pills, antidepressants and painkillers can trigger your memory loss. So, always consult with your doctor to provide you with medications that don’t affect you in the long run. Medicines linked to memory loss include muscle relaxants, antihistamines (used to treat allergies) & anti-anxiety drugs.

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Medicines can lead to memory loss.

Lack of Nutrients

Our mental health requires an equal amount of nutrients as our physical health. Lack of Vitamin B and B12 can cause confusion and dementia as well. Your brain needs high-quality proteins and fats for proper functioning.

Poor Health Choices

Smoking, alcohol and drug use also lead to memory loss. Smoking, in particular, reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, thus interfering with brain functions. This also results in memory loss.

Head Injury

Head injury is another way you may lose your memory. Depending upon the type of head injury may lead to both short term and long term memory loss.

Depression and Stress

Depression and stress interfere with your concentration power, which in turn results in poor memory formation leading to memory loss. Emotional trauma can also result in memory loss.


Major reasons for memory loss are:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Silent stroke
  • Certain Medicines
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Poor health choices
  • Head injury
  • Depression and stress
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Reasons for memory loss

Mental health issues are always terrifying. So, do a regular check-up and follow your doctor’s advice to avoid suffering from memory loss.

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