Handi-Move is a Belgian company whose mission is ” develop, produce, and distribute innovative and reliable lift and transfer systems.” These lift and transfer systems increase “the bodily comfort and well-being of the user.

Handi-Move develops lift and care systems for those who have difficulty in moving. In other words, this company builds products that help people move. Their products are for people who cannot move well due to old age or medical conditions.

Lift systems developed by Handi-Moves enables those with physical limitations to get around. These systems can be used to let disabled people get to bed, toilet or bath. In fact, they even have a system to let people with disabilities to ride horses.

Handi-Moves Says – The user’s quality of life is their first priority. You can have a look at some Handi-Move Products below:

Handi-Moves Shower-bath

And Handi-Moves Body-Support® independent use

Add: Handi-Moves Pool lift

Cheddar says –

Official Site: https://www.handimove.com/

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