What does it mean to have bipolar disorder? Have you ever witnessed someone with this disorder? Are you suspicious that you may have it too? Well, here are three ways to tell if you have bipolar disorder! But first, let’s learn Ways To Find Bipolar Disorder Or Not in brief.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a major fluctuation in one’s mental status that results in unpredictable mood swings and difficulty to complete daily activities. It is also called manic-depressive illness, which has four basic types.

People with bipolar disorder desire to put themselves in risky situations.
Victims of bipolar disorder usually tend to put themselves in hazardous situations.

Bipolar I Disorder

This disorder includes having mood states like racing thoughts, heightened self-esteem, and more. This state lasts at least a week on average. The symptoms of this disorder can be so severe that the patient needs to be taken to the hospital right away.

Bipolar II Disorder

This type of bipolar disorder includes having a pattern of depressive and hypomanic episodes.

Ways to Find out whether you have bipolar disorder or not. 
Do you know what it means to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder?
Once you’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, it can stick with you till your lifetime.

Cyclothymic Disorder

This bipolar disorder includes several hypomanic episodes and depressive symptoms that can potentially last for at least two years.

Other Specified and Unspecified Bipolar Disorder

This type of bipolar disorder may or may not match any of the symptoms above.

3 SIGNS To Tell If You Have Bipolar Disorder

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is directly related to anxiety and depression. However, an individual can also feel a mixed state of emotions such as excitement and sadness at once, as well.
It is not that easy to figure out if you have bipolar disorder. However, there are three forms of symptoms that warn you of this disorder.

Unpredictable state of emotions

Bipolar disorder messes with your brain. So, this can cause you to feel extreme happiness or sadness for an extended period. If you witness such unusual shifts in your mood, you may have bipolar disorder.

The urge to try risky activities

People with bipolar disorder desire to put themselves in dangerous situations. For example, they feel like gambling, having meaningless intercourse with strangers and spending money.

When suffering from bipolar disorder, your mood goes through a series of uncontrollable changes.

An unstable way of talking

People with this disorder can’t organize their thoughts and aren’t clear with what they want to say. So, they speak faster and can’t express themselves well.

However, you may not even realize if you have this disorder or not. Have a relaxed talk with your friends and family and ask them if they have observed any unusual habits and mood changes.


Now that you have a little bit of idea on bipolar disorder. Let’s have a final recap of all the things we discussed so far!
Bipolar disorder refers to a brain disorder that results in mood swings and decision-making skills.
There are four different kinds of bipolar disorder: Bipolar I disorder, Bipolar II disorder, Cyclothymic disorder, and others.
How to figure out if you have Bipolar disorder? Unpredictable state of emotions, the urge to try risky activities, and an unstable way of talking.

Also, do you know what is an Obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Do you think you have one of such symptoms? If yes, consult your doctor right away!

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