Have you ever experienced an awkward date?

Most of us, have experienced such date once in a while. Don’t we? After such an embarrassing moment, we wish that it never happened. You don’t know each other well. And, while trying to get close, we occasionally make silly mistakes.

Let’s see 5 of the date stories that went too awkward than normal and some even disaster.

1.The Silent Guy

A girl and guy met at a local burger joint. After they met, the guy didn’t speak a single word. All he did was head nods and smiled occasionally. The girl felt really embarrassed and thought he hated her. After 15 minutes, the girl said she is leaving. But, the boy asked her to stay and she stayed. He was still silent and just sitting there.

Actually, the boy felt nervous and wasn’t speaking. However, the girl realized that and now, they are together for 2 years.

2. The Stoner Guy

A guy takes a girl to date at a Museum. Then, he continuously talks about weed and how much he smokes and likes weed. He literally talks about weed, weed and weed whole time. She thought it was cool to smoke weed. But, wasn’t comfortable talking about the subject in the museum. Embarrassing!

3. The Racist Guy

A boy arrives 15 minutes late in date. After meeting a girl, he had a conversation about how good his life is going. He takes over the most time of conversation and brags about his job, salary and family. He also makes racist comments on black people. This really embarrasses the girl because she was also black.

4. The forgetful guy

A guy has been dating on Tinder with two girls. One day, he asks one of the girls out for dating. As they met, he keeps calling her with other date’s name. He kept forgetting her name and they didn’t meet again.

5. The Crazy Question

A guy and girl went for a first date. Meanwhile, the girl asks if he could fight or catch a bullet for her. The guy finds it inappropriate to ask on a first date. He directly replied, “hell no you must be out your damn mind.” The girl was hurt. Both didn’t talk well after that and it didn’t go any further.

How was your first date experience? Please share with us.


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