Dandruff is a stubborn hair problem. Even if you get rid of dandruff, it returns back sooner or later. Does Your Heredity Impact Dandruff? The problem doesn’t just seem to go away. So, how to Get Rid of Dandruff Completely. Here we have compiled five tips to remove dandruff permanently.

Image of a girl looking unhappy because of dandruff
One in five people in the world suffers from dandruff.

Do you how to remove dandruff permanently

Surprisingly! there are long-term solutions to dandruff.
Guess what? The solutions are in your home. You can prevent dandruff from home remedies.

  1. Tea tree oil
    Tea tree (completely different from tea you drink) oil creates an antimicrobial effect. Massaging your hair with this oil prevents the fungus that causes dandruff.
    Some people may develop an allergy, so take a small test first.
  2. Coconut Oil
    Coconut oil is a natural dandruff home remedies. It protects your scalp from dehydration. It also reduces symptoms of eczema up to a staggering 68%. Rub the oil gently on your hair once a day.
  3. Keep stress away
    Stress affects your hair health. A study shows, stress causes hair-loss and dandruff. Join yoga or gym to beat your stress. You will feel better.
  4. Eat a healthy diet
    Eat fresh fruits & vegetables. The food you consume directly affects your hair health. Processed foods lead to dandruff growth. So, no junk food.
  5. Know your skin
    If you have dry skin, then you probably will have more dandruff. Oil your hair regularly to avoid dry scalp. Deep conditioners can also moisturize your scalp.
Image of materials that can used to prevent dandruff
Plan for getting rid of dandruff

However, even oily skin can cause dandruff. The oil build-up in your scalp will
eventually turn into dandruff. To avoid this, wash your hair regularly or use
baking soda masks.

How to make soda masks?

  • Take 2-3 spoons of baking soda.
  • Add it to a cup of water (lukewarm)
  • Mix the solution well
  • Apply to the affected parts of your hair
  • Leave the soda mask on your head for two-three minutes
  • Wash your hair
  • Repeat once or twice every week
Image showing how to make soda masks
Making soda masks is easy

Here are the five ways, how to get rid of dandruff permanently :

  • Use Tea tree oil or coconut oil
  • Keep stress away
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Know your skin type and choose remedies wisely.

One in five people suffers from dandruff. You do not need to be embarrassed. Just make sure to use the dandruff remedy that we have just given. Let us know if these methods work for you.

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