Have you ever tried night meditation?

Some instructors may discourage you to meditate at night but, nothing can slow your racing mind like meditation before sleep.

Meditating at night should be light and short. Take it as a mind-calming practice. It will help you to beat fatigue and insomnia as well. Perceive the night meditation as relaxation therapy.

For quite many reasons, people meditate at night. Whether to induce a good night sleep or slow down your racing mind, night meditation can help you to do so.

Night meditation will induce sleep by reducing your stress.
Night meditation

However, the night is not an appropriate time for Mindfulness and Guided Meditation because you are more likely to fall asleep.

Let’s discover 7 reasons why you should meditate at night.

1.No time in the morning

Morning is very hectic period for many of us.
No time for meditation in the morning.

For many of us, the morning is a rush period. We leave for the office, often, as soon as we wake up. So, in the modern world,  it’s practical to meditate at night.

2. Fewer distractions

In bed-time, you will have fewer phone-calls, noise, and other distractions. So, you can take your moment to meditate.

3. Reduces your stress

Meditation will induce sleep by blowing up your stress on the way. Hence, in a calm state of mind, you will have a good night sleep.

4. Better focus

In the quiet night, you have better control of your senses and mind. But, in the daytime, your thoughts naturally engage in the outer world, which makes you hard to meditate.

5. Work-free environment

Our mind is full of the to-do list in the morning. Unlike, in bedtime, we take a break from our duties. So, night’s leisure is the right time to practice meditation.

6. Moon’s spiritual impact

Moon makes a spiritual effect on our mind. So, meditating at the presence of the moon will bring better focus and positive energy.

Meditating at moonlight gives you better focus and positive energy.
Moon makes spiritual impact on human being.

7. Harmonious time

Your mind slows down in night’s solitude. In this time, you will have a better connection to your inner world.

Bottom line

  • Night meditation relaxes your mind and calms down your tired body.
  • Night meditation should be light and short. It helps to relieve stress and insomnia.
  • However, the night is not the right time to practice peaceful or guided meditation.
  • In the darkness, you get better focus and self-awareness.

Therefore, in the hectic schedule of the modern world, night meditation is practical.

7 reasons why meditating at night is good practice

So, what do you think? Is it applicable to meditate at night for you?

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