Do you feel stressed in your working hours?

Do you find yourself losing your patience?

Do not worry, you are not alone.

A recent study has shown that 29% of workers feel substantial or extreme stress at work.

29% of workers feel extreme or substantial stress at work.
Work stress

Work stress is strongly linked to health issues than financial or family problems. 25% of the workers have stated that their job is the No 1 source of stress in their lives.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work stress-free?

Why not beat your stress with just 10 minutes of meditation?

Yes! Meditation can be the best stress-buster at the office. Take a 15 minutes meditation break. And, see how it helps you to tackle daily challenges.

Here are 5 reasons why you should meditate at work:

1. Meditation Provides you better focus

Mistakes are likely to happen when we lose our focus. Mistakes often bring stress with it. Meditation keeps you on track and helps you avoid stress.

2. Keeps you calm

People love to work with a calm person. Calm people tackle complex work problems without losing their temper. Meditation helps you keep calm.

3. Refreshes your mood and energy

Meditation helps to overcome frustrations.
Meditation helps to overcome frustrations.

A simple act of breathing with eyes closed magically recharges your energy. You will feel just like you have woken up in the morning with new motivation and a beautiful day ahead of you.

4. Boosts your perfomance

Meditation makes you more productive by improving your brain function. You will have increased memory, multitasking-ability, and more attention power.

5. Better self-control

Meditation calms your mind and provide you better self-control.
Meditation keeps you calm.

You may become frustrated in your work and make bad decisions. Meditation builds better self-control and thus prevents you from work disasters. Most importantly, you will learn to let things go.

Bottom line

  1. Work stress affects more than 25% of a worker in their daily lives.
  2. Meditation is an effective solution to cope with work stress.
  3. A 15-minute meditation at your workplace calms your mind and provides you a better focus.
  4. It also refreshes your mood and energy.
  5. Meditation improves your work productivity as well.
5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Meditation at Work?

So, why not meditate at your workplace? What do you think?

Let’s take a meditation break to beat everyday stress.

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