Chitwan National Park is one of the finest parks in Nepal founded in 1973 AD and features a variety of bird, plant and animal species, with birds, plants, and animals. 

The park was proclaimed a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site in 1984 thanks to its wealthy natural decoration. The Park is spread through 952.63 square kilometers including Barauli, Kasara, and Sauraha.

Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park

CNP protects the worlds rare and endangered animals also known as “The Big Six” which includes “Royal Bengal Tiger”, “Leopard”, “Gaur Wooden Bear”, “One-Horned Rhino”, and “Wild Elephant”, other includes Ghariyal/ Crocodile and Deers. CPN has above 70 types of mammals, 584 types of birds and 67 types of butterfly.

To visualize this awesome experience, Watch the video below till the end.

CPN is an ideal destination for nature and safari lovers looking for an adventure. You can enjoy a safari through jeep or elephant ride. If you prefer a local lifestyle then the local Tharu community homestay enjoying local food and Tharu special culture and tradition such as “Lathi Naach” and “Mayur Dance”.

Visit Chitwan National Park with your friends and family and enjoy. And also share our article if you like it.


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