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For those who want to see Anmol KC and Suhana Thapa together in the film series “A Mero Hajur”, there is good news. Anmol and Suhana have signed “A Mero Hajur 4”. Nepali audience had liked this pair in “A Mero Hajur 3.”

Jharana Thapa and Sunil Kumar Thapa are making “A Mero Hajur 4“. A Mero Hajur series is a successful series in Nepali film industry.

Anmol KC in A Mero Hajur

Various production houses are competing to sign Anmol in their films. However, Anmol is quite picky so that he can maintain his image. He had already signed the movie “Dhupaure”. But, he decided to leave this film. Anmol says he has not left this film instead he wants to shoot for this film later.

As with other actors, Anmol feels the pressure to succeed in the box office. Moreover, Jharana Thapa has revealed the film storyline for “A Mero Hajur 4” and Anmol likes the story.

All the best to Anmol KC.


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