Sushil Shrestha debuted in the Nepali Film Industry with “Hostel Returns“. He dominated the film’s poster mainly because he looked extremely good and had a great physique. However, when this movie was released, his co-stars Najir Hussain and Sushil Sitaula pervaded.

Sushil on Hostel Returns Poster

Sushil has worked in several movies but success still eludes him. His second movie “Karkhana” could not do well. The third movie -“Sayad 2” suffered the same fate. His fourth movie “Baadshah Jutt” bombed at the box office.

Sushil Shrestha is pinning his hopes on the new movie “Love Diaries“. It seems this film may make or break Sushil’s career in the Nepali Film Industry. you can watch a song from this movie here.

Love Diaries is set to release on Falgun 2 (2076) or on February 14, 2020 – Valentine’s day.


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