Apple is one of the biggest tech giants in the world. It sells millions of products conquering tech markets across the globe. In just the last quarter of 2018, it was reported that Apple sold 47 million iPhone units worldwide. But, why is it that Apple always seems to lag behind Xiaomi and Samsung in India?

India has been one of the toughest markets to crack for Apple. Although the tech giant started selling its products in India since the last decade, it is still struggling.

What are the reasons?

India, the second largest smartphone market in the world, is price sensitive. In such a case, the Indian consumers seem to avoid the premium market in which Apple operates.

When we look at the stats, most of the smartphones sold in India are below $200K, and Apple doesn’t have a product that fits this range.

Here is a CNBC video that explains, the reasons behind this:

What do you think are the other reasons behind this struggle?


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