Thakai food is a rich version of Nepal’s staple food – Dal, Bhat & Takari (Lentils, Boiled rice & spiced up curry). In recent times, Thakali food is getting more and more popular. If you are unsure where to get the best Thakali experience, here is our list.

Nilgiri Thakali Delights

Located at Tangal, this Thakali restaurant is one of the best in Kathmandu. The whole restaurant dedicated to Thakali cuisines. The dal here is appreciated by most customers.

Image of Thakali Food

Lete Thakali Kitchen

This restaurant is also located in Tangal. This restaurant gets its name from a Thakali village in Mustang. The food is authentic and the Jimbu and Gundruk ko achar are very impressive for the taste buds.

Thakali Bhanchha Ghar

This restaurant is located at Thamel, the tourist hub of Kathmandu. In fact, if you are tourist and loitering nearby, you can get to this restaurant and taste one of the best ethnic food in Nepal

Jimbu Thakali Capital Grill and Panya

This Thakali is also located in Tangal, just in front of Nilgiri Thakali Delights. The name comes from a Himalayan herb called jimbu.

Image of Thakali Food

Thakali Ghar Aaagan

Located at Bansbari in Kathmandu, this restaurant also serves some of the best Thakali cuisines. One of their outstanding offer is Chhurpi, perhaps the hardest cheese in the world.

Image of Thakali Ghar Aagan Restaurant


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