Dhindo is a traditional Nepali food. It is mostly prepared in the hilly region of Nepal. Nowadays, it is almost found in several regions of Nepal. Recently, dhindo has become one of the best food in Nepal and is loved by almost every Nepalese people.

Dhindo is prepared from buckwheat or millet, wheat, and cornflour. It is very simple, quick and easy to prepare. It is prepared by boiling hot water in a pan and adding flour while continuously stirring the mix.

Nepal Traditional Food 'Dhindo'
Nepal Traditional Food ‘Dhindo’

Dhindo is the main meal in various parts of Nepal. It is very soft and it is swallowed directly without chewing. Dhindo can be eaten with milk, meat, gravy, gundruk and with vegetables.

Nepali Corn Porridge

Not only in the village region nowadays dhindo is served or available in many restaurants. You can also prepare dhindo at your own home by watching the above video.

Once try this traditional Nepali dish at home. If you like this article, you can also share it with your family and relatives.


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