Swastima Khadka a popular Nepali actress who has won the love of millions of fans is in the controversial news. Swastima Khadka has always been in the limelight in the Nepali cinema either for controversy or for popular news like the SAARC film festival award.

In recent news, Swastima’s controversy is about her own spoken words which have disputed a controversy in the entertainment world.

Swastima Khadka

Moreover, She got into a controversy after saying that the artist who raised Rs 1 lakh in the movie ‘Thousand Juni Tak’ should have raised Rs 1 lakh in the program organized by the same woman on Friday.

While many have acknowledged that Swastima is targeting Pooja Sharma, she has denied it. Pooja Sharma fan’s anger toward Swastima has not diminished.

In image Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma

You can visit Swastima Khadka’s Instagram to know more about her.

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