Krishna Janmashtami, one of the holiest Hindu festivals, is celebrated every year on the day of Bhadra. This is the birthday of Lord Krishna.

People refer to Krishna Janmashtami by different names such as Sri Krishna Jayanti, Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami, and Janmashtami. Lord Krishna is the founder of Gyan Yoga, Karma Yoga and Devotional Yoga. Hence, Hindus celebrate this festival with great devotion.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna

As per Hindus, Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born from the eighth womb of Devaki. His father was Basudev. He was born to protect mankind from the wicked.

Lord Krishna in Avatar of Lord Vishnu
The birth of Krishna

This festival commemorates Lord Vishnu being born on the earth. His mission was to protect humankind from injustice, oppression and demonic instincts.

On the storyline of Shri Krishna’s love affair with Gopini and Radha, Hindus also celebrate this day as a Jula festival.

Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna

Hindus celebrate this festival all over the world. In Nepal, people celebrate this festival in the famous Shree Krishna temple at Mangal Bazar in Patan. Moreover, devotees also celebrate this day at Navantha Dham, Gothatar.

In Krishna Janmashtami, especially women worship Sri Krishna’s birth singing devotional music all night. Devotees believe by worshipping and appeasing Krishna, their wishes will be fulfilled.

Womans in Krishna Janmashtami
Women Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami

Let’s Celebrate Krishna Janmasthami with lots of joy and happiness. Do not forget to share this article to your near and dear ones.


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