It’s always fun when families take the time to go out and have fun. So, are you also looking for a restaurant that has a suitable environment for a family dinner? Well, look no further! We’ve got you covered! So, we’ve listed some of the restaurants that are perfect for families.

1. Embassy Restaurant

Location: Lazimpat

Facilities: Great decorated place, cozy environment, spacious place, delicious food

Price Range: $$

2. Alice Restaurant

Location: Gairidhara

Facilities: Great for families and groups, great for children, photogenic place, delicious food

Price Range: $$

3. Tama Restaurant

Location: Gairidhara

Facilities: Spacious place, delicious food, friendly staff

Price Range: $

4. Electric Pagoda Restaurant

Location: Thamel

Facilities: Great food, Spacious place, Friendly Staff, Quick service, Value for money

Price Range: $$

5. Dechenling Garden Restaurant

Location: Keshar Mahal Marg

Facilities: Comfortable place, children-friendly, delicious food, friendly staff, great variety of food items

Price Range: $$

6. Hyderabad House

Location: Naxal

Facilities: Family-friendly environment, great food, spacious place, great for kids, great variety of food

Price Range: $$

7. Ghar Bar Restaurant

Location: Thirbam Sadak

Facilities: Good service, child-friendly environment, delicious food, friendly staff

Price range: $


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