Non-Residential Nepali Association (NRNA) America has held an emergency meeting. The meeting suspended two NRNA officials. These two officers are NRNA America’s Spokesperson Om Bhattarai and advisor Shiva Malla.

The meeting suspended these officials because the preliminary investigation found out that Om Bhattarai and Shiva Malla were engaged in defaming NRNA officials using fake Facebook Page. Earlier lifetime NRNA member Prasanna Sangraula had complained to the NRNA about improper conduct of Bhattarai and Shiva.

For a thorough investigation, NRNA has formed an investigation committee headed by Vice-president Dr. Arjun Banjade. The investigation committee has 45 days to report their findings.

Prasanna Sangraula had hacked into the “Sidha Kura” Facebook Page run by Bhattarai and Malla. Prasanna then released the data he had as a proof to NRNA.

Om and Shiva are considered close to former NRNA president Keshab Paudel. Prasanna accused Om and Shiva of using Facebook Page to defame current NRNA president Kumar Panta.

We combed the Facebook for news footprint, here is what we found.

Basically Om Kumar denies the allegations and has stated that he might go to the court for the breach of his privacy.

However, it is interesting to note that Prasanna hacked into others account to get that data. We do think that that is illegal as well. We would be watching this incident as it unfolds.


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