Gukpak is one of the most enjoyed sweets in Nepal. It is very famous for its composition of sweetness, nutrition, and soft texture. This sweet is suitable for every occasion.

Gudpak has become one of the popular desserts in Nepal. It can be made at home easily. Homemade gudpak is tasty, amazing and clean too.

Nepal Sweet Dessert Gudpak
Nepal Sweet Dessert Gudpak

Gudpak is a simple dish and made using ghee, sakkhar, gridded sweets, dry nuts, milk, Sliced almonds, Cardamom, Grated coconut, and herbs. Due to its nutritional benefits, it is fed to new mothers.

You can watch a below video to know the recipe of gudpak.

Recipe of Gudpak

It is a sweet specially made in Kathmandu, People visiting here make sure to take some Gudpak with them as gifts (Koseli). After watching the above video, you will able to make a ‘Gudpak’ at your home easily.

Try this sweet recipe once at your home and gift it to your loved ones. You can also visit our website for more information like this.


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