‘Sundar Nayan’ is the nepali song featuring Tik Tok Star twinny girls Prisma Khatiwada and Princy Khatiwada with Sunny Singh in the lead role.

In this music video, we can see the whole story of middle class family were they have the struggling life with lots of hard works.

‘Sundar Nayan’ is the story of the couple who loved each other and to success their love they have to ran away from their family and get married. After that while working as usual the husband get injured and dies due to the lack of money for treatment.

  • Sudip Koirala Presents Sundar Nayan – सुन्दर नयन
  • Lyrics: Sudip Koirala
  • Music: Dipak Silwal
  • Vocal: Shiva Pariyar
  • Artist: Priama Khatiwada, Princy Khatiwada, Sunny Singh
  • Makeup: Bimala Tamang Production Manager: Shambhu Shrestha
  • Camera: Arjun Tiwari
  • Video Edit: Nabin Niraula
  • Asst. Director: Subol Thapa
  • Director: Gamvir Bista
  • Released: August 22, 2019

Princy Khatiwada has also shared the music video ‘Sundar Nayan’ in her Instagram.

Fans have really approached act of both twinny girls and singer Shiva Pariyar song which can be seen through the screenshot below:

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