IME remit is the solution for transferring money from one place to another place. It has been awarded for a third consecutive year by the Government of Nepal as the highest taxpayer among remittance companies. Money from different countries like USA, UAE, Australia, UK, India, et cetera can be transfer easily because of IME.

IME pay from mobile wallet app
IME pay from the mobile wallet app

In recent years, IME has launched an app called IME pay which has successfully made the life of the people easier. IME Pay on the mobile phone app allows registered users to conduct digital financial services.

Transfer of money from person to person directly, recharging of mobile, landlines, TV, and internet, payment of electricity, water, credit card, insurance premium, ticketing of airlines, bus, movie, transferring money from bank and other payment like school, college fee are some of the features for the user of IME pay.

Here we have how to create the IME pay account and verify it the video below.

How to create an IME pay account and Verify it

In simple users can do almost all payments by sitting in a home instead of standing in a long queue. The century of paying money by cash has long gone now payment can be done with your smartphones. Even small things like buying bread, taxi and expenses can be paid by IME Pay.

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