Buff Chilli is a very famous dish among the Newari community. Buff Chilli is specially made at the festival in Newari culture. Buff Chilli is a common dish especially found in several regions of Nepal.

Buff Chilli is a side dish. Its recipe is simple and to prepare it, you need only a few ingredients. It is simple, quick to make and delicious. It is meat stir-fried with fresh vegetables. The main ingredient of this dish is soya sauce.

Delicious Buff Chilli
Delicious Buff Chilli

Nowadays, buff chilli has become one of the best food in Nepal and is loved by almost every Nepalese people. There are no corners in Nepal where this dish cannot be found.

Buff chilli can be served with rice and beaten rice. People also take this dish as a sedan with local drinks.

Guys, watch the below video to know the recipe of delicious buff chilli.

Nepali Style Buff Chilli

Buff chilli is served or available in many restaurants. You must once try mouth-watering amazing and delicious buff chilli. And after watching the above video you can prepare ‘Buff Chilli’ at your home.

Prepare buff chilli at home, serve your family members and make them happy. You can also share this article with your friends and family.


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