The Nepali Film Industry is not going to slow down anytime soon!

The new movie ‘Jatrai Jatra’ just released its 3-minute trailer on YouTube on April 26, 2019, and it’s already #33 on trending. The trailer has also already garnered a total of 8 lakh views.

In the midst of an array of new Nepali movies, ‘Jatrai Jatra’ seems like it is going to stand out from the crowd. The movie stars some of the film industry’s popular actors such as Dayahang Rai, Barsha Raut, Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Rabindra Jha, and Raja Ram Poudel.

Not only due to the cast, but the unique storyline seems like it has already attracted a lot of positive reviews.

The trailer revolves around three men who have got a hold of 3 kgs of gold each and they begin dreaming of how rich they would become. However, the police begin searching for criminals who stole the gold. Can the three guys hide from the police for a long time? Or, will they become millionaires? Wait till the movie release to find out.


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