Kathmandu. October 19.

Krishna Bahadur Mahara, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, has undergone a coronary angiogram. Doctors at Norvic International Hospital carried out this procedure. He is currently in critical care unit at Norvic.

Rajendra Bahadur Singh, executive director of Norvic Hospital, said that they performed this procedure because Mahara’s blood pressure had increased. He also informed that Mahara will be out of the critical care unit within 24 hours.

Coronary angiogram uses X-ray imaging to see the heart’s blood vessels. Using this procedure, doctors can see if there is restriction in blood flow to the heart.

Krishna Bahadur Mahara is currently in police custody. Roshani Shahi, who is a nurse at Parliament Secretariat, had accused Mahara of raping her on September 30. She later changed her accusation and claimed Mahara tried to rape her. Her first information report (FIR) also includes that Mahara used violence against her.



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