Your life is up to you and how you want to experience it. If trekking provides that solace you are seeking for – come for a midwinter trek in Nepal.

Many foreigners think that the midwinter trekking in Nepal is impossible. This type of thinking comes from witnessing European or North American winters.

Even Nepalis, who mainly live in mid-hills or Terai, think that midwinter trekking in Nepal is impossible. However, this is not true.

Mount Everest
Mount Everest

Trekking in Nepal during the winter (December to February) is possible and you do not need any special gears except for warm clothing.

The precipitation during winter is very low. This means you will witness clear skies above you and mesmerizing terrains underneath.

Lodgings and hotels are open in trekking areas in Nepal even in midwinter. This also hints to the fact that trekkers are on the way in this season as well.

You may however find strong winds on high altitudes. The rays of sun are quite strong. Hence, bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

Most famous treks during this time are Everest base camp, Annapurna Sanctuary, Langtang – Gosainkunda – Helambu, Annapurna circuit trek.

The main advantage of trekking in Nepal in midwinter is that the routes are not overcrowded and of course the whole atmosphere is very different from that of other regular months.


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