Singer Astha Raut to be Arrested For Indecent Behaviour


January 19. Kathmandu.

Astha Raut is in more trouble after her incident on Jan 15th at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). Raut had accused policewoman Ramita Shrestha of behaving in a rude manner while performing a routine security check on her at TIA. Astha had released a video on Facebook, showing her displeasure against how she was treated. In that video, she used derogatory language against Nepal Police.

But as the things progressed, police released the video (without audio) of that incident. After this video release, the policewoman Ramita Shrestha filed a case accusing singer Raut of indecent behaviour at the Kathmandu District Administration Office.

Acting on this complaint, the Kathmandu District Administration Office has issued an arrest warrant against Astha for indecent behaviour. Kathmandu Chief District Officer Janakraj Dahal has confirmed this.

What Other Artists Are Saying?

Many artists have spoken about this incident as it unfolds. Singer Pramod Kharel is of the opinion that the arrest warrant was issued not because of the incident itself but because of Astha’s release of video against the Police using derogatory words. However, Pramod adds that the investigation should not be one-sided as Astha would not have been angry without cause.

Nepal Police Reaction

Nepal Police has said that they have got the arrest warrant against Astha Raut but she is on the run. Astha is in Sikkim right now.

Speaking from Sikkim, Astha says she has not been contacted by police till now. She adds if Nepal Police contacts her, she would be happy to help. She insists that the policewoman abused her and her only mistake was using derogatory words. Here is her viral video.

If Aastha loses her case, she can face prison for up to a year.



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