After having a spat with the airport police, things are getting sour for famous singer Astha Raut.

Astha Raut claimed that she was handled rudely by a policewoman at the Tribhuvan International Airport. This incident took place on Jan 15th, 2020. The policewoman was performing regular security checks on Astha before taking a flight. You can see her angry accusations on this video below.

Astha Raut Gets Angry to The Way She Was Handled in TIA

After her video surfaced, police released the CCTV footage of the incident. Though we may not know the truth, in the video, it seems Astha was behaving rudely with the policewoman. The police released the following video.

Police Released This Video After Astha’s Claim of Harassment at TIA

After the police released the above video, Astha did apologize for the incident, mainly her use of rough words. However, she still sticks to her words, she says the policewoman treated her inhumanely. Here is her version of the truth.

The policewoman who performed security check was Astha was Ramita Shrestha. She has filed a complaint at MPCO, saying Astha behaved with her indecently.

Acting upon the complaint received, Police have filed an application for an arrest warrant against Astha in The District Administration Office, Kathmandu.

It has come to light that Astha will be arrested on Sunday, as she returns from a musical tour in Sikkim, India.



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