Poster Dancing With The Stars

Himalaya TV, known for broadcasting hit reality shows such as “The Voice Of Nepal” and “Himalaya Roadies“, is to televise a new reality show “Dancing With the Stars” beginning from Falgun.

Dancing with the Stars is a reality franchise first created by BBC studio. The original UK series is called Strictly Come Dancing.” In fact, The Guinness World Records has declared Strictly Come Dancing (or simply Strictly) as the most successful reality TV format in the whole world. This series was first broadcast on 14th May 2004.

Dancing with the stars, however, is the American version of Strictly. In this version, a celebrity will be paired with a professional dancer. This series is immensely popular in USA and Australia.

Laxman Paudel will be directing this show. He clarifies that the star in the Dancing with The Stars Series need not only be film stars. Stars can be professionals, journalists or models. He adds that it is not necessary for the stars to know dancing. The show will choose the stars according to the audience’s demand. However, he did not elaborate on the process of assessing audience demand.

The show will include 12 stars and 12 choreographers for these stars. Each team will have a star and a choreographer. As it is a reality show, one team will exit the show per week based on audience voting and the judges’ decision.

Watch out for this brand new reality series.


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