1. Krua Thai Restaurant

Location: Tangal Marg

Facilities & Services: Nice ambiance, good variety of food items, good service, clean place, Kid-friendly

Price Range: $$

2. Thai Wok

Location: Sano Gaucharan Marg

Facilities & Services: Delicious Food, Nice service, Clean place, Authentic Thai taste

Price Range: $

3. Yin Yang Restaurant

Location: J.P. Road

Facilities & Services:  Good food, Good place, Fresh food, A lot of variety for Thai food, Authentic Thai Food

Price Range: $$

4. Zen Bistro & Cafe Restaurant

Location: Bansbari Road

Facilities & Services: Good place, calm and peaceful environment, Great food, friendly staff

Price Range: $$

5. Him Thai Restaurant & Bar

Location: Patan

Facilities & Services: Good environment, Peaceful place, Great staff, Great Thai Food, Good for families

Price Range: $$


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