The results of the Green Card lottery 2019 are out. If you had taken part in EDV by filling the lottery form in 2018, then it is time to check. You may have won the lottery. Winning this electronic diversity visa enables you and maybe your family to enter the USA legally.

Here is how you can know the results of EDV (American Visa Lottery.

1. Go to official EDV site

Simply type on your browser or simply click this link.
The site may have crashed, so be patient and try again.

2. Identify yourself

How to find out if you won DV 2020 or not.

For this, you need to have your confirmation number, name, surname and year of birth. You need to authenticate yourself before submitting your information.

  1. Enter your confirmation number – The confirmation number should be on the page you saved after completing your EDV registration in 2018.
  2. Last/Family Name- Enter your family name such as Sharma
  3. Year of Birth – Enter your birth date in this text box.
  4. Authentication- Enter the characters are they appear in the box
  5. Finally hit the Submit button. The screen that appears after doing this will determine if you won the EDV or not.

3. Find the result

That is all you can do, if you did win the lottery, you will see a congratulation message. If you don’t and still are helpful retry identifying yourself. If you won- congratulations from our side as well. Well if you keep on seeing this,

Better luck next time.

better luck next time.


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