A mother’s bond with her new born baby is a natural blessing. But, fathers often find it a challenge to create a similar bond with their baby.

So, here is the ultimate guide you were looking for!

How does the parent-baby bond happen?

Bonding with your baby is not that difficult as you think!

Bonding is intuitive. There are several ways a newborn baby bonds with their parents. They pick up on their parent’s scent, touch, and voice and respond to skin contact.

So, your baby just needs to be familiar with your voice and warm care.

Here, are some ways you can bond with your baby.

Be Present

Be there for your baby when they need you!

Spend as much time as you can with your baby
Spend Time: Be Present

Spend some time with your baby. Try making eye contact and cradle your baby close because babies respond to skin-skin contact.

You can also try soothing their tears and singing to them.

Be Funny

You can also be funny by making silly faces and playing with them. Your heart will flutter when you see the bright smile of your baby.

Go on a walk

Going a walk with your baby can help improve your bond
Take your baby on a walk

Going on a walk with your baby is another great idea to make them familiar with you. Take your baby to a park where there are fresh air and a lot of greenery.

Try Giving a Massage

Babies love a good massage which helps them to relax. So, next time give your baby a little oil massage after their bath.

Take the Diaper Duty

Help with the diaper duty to improve your bond
Take the diaper duty

Putting on the diaper for your baby helps you bond with them! So, let the mommy relax for a while and be in charge to change your baby’s diapers!

Read to Your Baby

It’s necessary for you to be a part of your baby’s bedtime routine. Try making it a habit to your baby before bed. It also gives your baby the time to be familiar with your voice.

Remember Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t worry if you can’t grasp the idea of bonding with your baby all at once! Studies suggest that it takes around 18 months for a person fit into the role of a father. So, we suggest you do as much as you can. Reading baby care magazines can be a good start!

You can also try our tips to develop a bond with your baby:

  • Be Present, Be a Part: Communication with your baby is the key
  • Be Funny, Make your baby smile
  • Go on a walk, Spend Time
  • Try Giving a Massage, Some skin-to-skin contact will surely help
  • Take the Diaper Duty, Give the mother some time to rest
  • Read to your Baby, Let them hear your voice
Build your bond!

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