Practicing meditation can be a life-altering experience. But, do you know what the ideal time to practice meditation is?  

Experts suggest morning is the best time for quite many reasons.

According to experts, morning is the best time to meditate.
Morning is the best time to meditate.

Why meditate in the morning?

We start our day in the morning. In this time, our mind is quiet and fresh. Waking up early and meditating helps you visualize your goals more vividly.

Your day heavily depends upon how you start. Morning meditation is a great way to kick-start your day. Enjoy the stillness of morning with a meditation session.

Early morning- The best time for meditation

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi starts his day at 5 am with yoga and meditation. Human minds thrive with a good spirit early in the morning.

Morning hours are effective for guided and mindfulness meditations than at any other time. You will have a better focus.

Tames your monkey mind

With the morning meditation, your mindfulness will increase and with it your overall well-being. Stress and anxiety are more likely to stay away.  

In Buddhism, there is a concept of a monkey mind, which distracts your thought from reality. Morning meditation tames your monkey mind and makes you feel more present at the moment.

Kickstart your day with a morning meditation

Meditation boosts creativity and decision-making skills.
Meditation boosts creativity and decision-making skills.

Make the most out of your morning with meditation. Sleeping early at night and waking up early in the morning will make it easier for you to schedule your time.

Instead of waking up in a hurry with a pile of work plans inside your head, why not start your day in a calm state of mind. So wake up early and meditate.

Lowers your stress

Meditation will keep your stress away.
Meditation helps you to beat stress.

Most of all, meditation helps you to minimize everyday stress. Studies show, meditation also develops creativity and decision-making skills.

By providing an overall sense of well-being, it boosts your productivity and energy.

Wouldn’t you love to work being focused and calm throughout the day?

Bottom line

  1. Early morning is the best time for meditation.
  2. In the early morning, our mind is fresh and quiet, so you can easily visualize your goal with meditation at this time.
  3. Morning is also a suitable time for Guided and Mindfulness meditation.
  4. Your mindfulness increases with meditation.
  5. Meditation helps you to schedule your work.

So, kick-start with morning meditation to have an awesome day ahead.

Best Time to Meditate: Early Morning

At what time of the day you usually meditate? Let us know in the comment.

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