Nepalese youths are enthusiastic about bikes. Motorcycles have become status symbols. Competition is intense in the 250cc segment. The young riders love the 250cc segment. So, here we have Top 10 Best 250cc Bikes in Nepal.

Definitely, bikes in between 200 to 250cc have galvanised youths. From a rider’s perspective, choosing the best bikes according to the necessities is a significant step. To enable you, this page gives you the Top 10 Best 250cc Bikes in Nepal.

In light of some essential and main considerations, for example, cost-adequacy, motor dislodging, control, fabricate quality, and mileage inside the 250cc territory, we have enrolled the accompanying Top 10 Best 250cc bikes in Nepal with their key particulars and cost.

10. Cross x 250 SE

  •     Vehicle type: Bike
  •      Body: Dirt
  •      Model: 250 SE Motard
  •      Displacement: 249.6CC
  •      Mileage: N/A
  •      Max Power: 8 BHP @9000rpm
  •      Max Torque: n/a
  •      No of Gears: 6
  •      Top Speed: n/a
  •      Fuel tank capacity: 7L
  •      Weight (kerb): 110 kg
  •      Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Price in Nepal: Rs. 6,50,000
bike price in nepal , Cross x 250 SE
Cross x 250 SE

Cross x 250 SE comes with an all-new engine that is similar to its big brother CROSS X 250 SE. Even though, chassis is identical, positions of two models/chassis are very different, and so riders taste a riding style in these two bikes. This bike comes with a new front wheel brake from NISSIN JAPAN that is definitely stronger and has plenty of feels.

The fuel tank capacity of this bike is 6.5 litres while the dry weight of this model is 117 kg. Look at the review below.

Cross x 250 SE Review

9. Crossfire XZ 250 RR

  • Displacement : 249.6 CC
  • Mileage: N/A
  • Max Power: 15 HP @9000 rpm
  • Max Torque: N/A
  • No of Gears: 5
  • Top Speed: N/A
  • Fuel tank capacity: 7L
  • Weight (Kerb): 115 kg
  • Price in Nepal: Rs. 5,95,000
bike price in nepal, Crossfire XZ 250 RR
Crossfire XZ 250 RR

The Crossfire XZ250RR 250cc Motorbike is built on 4 years of research on the motocross track. This bike has great undercarriage capacity. There are significant differences between XZ250RR Model and XZ250R and this is the reason why XZ250RR is a costlier model. The differences include Dellorto Carburettor 34mm; Larger Radiator Set, Aluminum. The Crossfire XZ250RR is furnished with a 249.6cc fluid-cooled single chamber 4-stroke 4 valves motor capable of discharging a 30 bhp and 23N.

Here is the Youtube review.

Crossfire XZ 250 RR Review

8. Yamaha FZS FI 25 

  •  Displacement : 249 CC
  •     Mileage: 43 Kmpl
  •     Max Power: 20.9PS @8000rpm
  •      Max Torque:20Nm @ 6000rpm
  •     No of Gears: 5
  •     Top Speed: 141 Kmph
  •      Fuel tank capacity: 14L
  •      Weight (Kerb): 148 kg
bikes in nepal, Yamaha FZS FI 25
Yamaha FZS FI 25

The latest Yamaha FZ25 comes with dual-channel ABS. It is priced at Rs 3,89,900 in Nepal. This makes the bike Rs 14,000 more expensive than the non-ABS variant. The motorcycle is available in three colours: matt black, dark matt blue and cyan blue.

Here is the visual review.

Yamaha FZS FI 25  Review

7. CFMoto 250NK

  •      Displacement: 250cc
  •      Mileage: 25 kmpl
  •      Max Power: 27 BHP @9000rpm
  •      Max Torque: 22nm torque @ 7500 rpm
  •      No of Gears: 6
  •      Top Speed: n/a
  •      Fuel tank capacity: 13L
  •     Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,60,000
best 250cc bike, CFMoto 250NK
CFMoto 250NK

This is an economical 250cc, single-chamber, fluid-cooled motor with DOHC. It has 6-speed shifts that are fit for expressway speeds. The bike is fitted with twisted brake lines that have discretionary mainland ABS for a better halting. The bike comes with an illuminated LCD for clear vision.

Here is the review link:

CFMoto 250NK Bike Review

6. Honda CRF 250L Rally

  •    Displacement: 249.6cc
  •      Mileage: 33.3 kmpl
  •      Max Power: 24 BHP @8500rpm
  •      Max Torque: 22.6nm torque @ 6750 rpm
  •      No of Gears: 6
  •      Top Speed: n/a
  •      Fuel tank capacity: 10.1L
  •     Price in Nepal: Rs. 12,75,000
 best bike in nepal
Honda CRF 250L Rally

The CRF250 RALLY has the appearance of an aggressive desert racer that can take on the world. It comes with asymmetric LED headlights with floating circles and anti-lock braking system (ABS). The fuel tank is large with its digital dash and HRC Colors. it would seem that Slim sideboards with Hand watches.

You can see the review below:

CRF250 RALLY Review

5. Honda CRF 250L

  •   Displacement: 249.6 cc
  •      Mileage: 29 km
  •      Max Power: 24 BHP  @ 8500 rpm
  •      Max Torque: 22.6 NM @ 6750 rpm
  •      No of Gears: 6
  •      Top Speed: n/a
  •      Fuel tank capacity: 7.8L
  •      Price in Nepal: Rs. 10,25,000
 best bike in nepal, Honda CRF 250L
Honda CRF 250L

Honda’s website states that the front suspension on the CRF250L has 9.8 inches of travel and CRF250L Rally’s fork has 11 inches. If you are thinking of outgrowing it, well it will depend on how quickly you get comfortable off-road. If you’re a long-time rider then you might grow out of this bike quickly is a real possibility.

Here is the YouTube Review.

Honda CRF 250L Review

4. Italjet Buccaneer 250i

  •      Displacement: 248.9cc
  •      Mileage: 33.3 km
  •      Max Power: 17.3 BHP  @ 8000 rpm
  •      Max Torque: 19 NM @ 6000 rpm
  •      No of Gears: 5
  •      Top Speed: 130kmph
  •      Fuel tank capacity: 14L
  •      Price of bikes in Nepal: Rs. 5,50,000
Italjet Buccaneer 250i

The highlights for these bikes are Single-Cylinder 4 stroke 2 chambers Twin spark 250cc Engine which is air-cooled. This bike is quite economical and gives 30 Kmpl. It has a decent chassis and suspension.

Here is the YouTube review.

Italjet Buccaneer 250i Review

3. Benelli TNT 25

  •  Displacement: 249cc
  •      Mileage: 30 kmpl
  •      Max Power: 28.16 bhp @ 9800 rpm
  •      Max Torque: 21.61 Nm @ 8000 rpm
  •      No of Gears: 6
  •      Top Speed: 145kmph
  •      Fuel tank capacity: 17L
  •     Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,45,000
bikes in nepal, Benelli TNT 25
Benelli TNT 25

At the core of the Benelli TNT 25 is a solitary chamber unit capable of producing an extreme intensity of 28.16 bhp at 9,800rpm.

The motor CC of this bike is 249 cc. The engine is a single-cylinder with 4 valves. The fuel is injected using electronically. It has a self-start mechanism and the engine is liquid-cooled. Here is their review.

Benelli TNT 25 Review

2. Honda CBR 250R

  •  Displacement: 249.6 cc
  •  Mileage: 29 kmpl
  •  Max Power: 26.15 BHP @8500 rpm
  •  Max Torque: 22.9 Nm@7000 rpm
  •  No of Gears: 6
  •  Top Speed: 136 kmph
  •  Fuel tank capacity: 13L
  •  Price in Nepal: Rs. 5,99,900
bikes in nepal, Honda CBR 250R
Honda CBR 250R

The new CBR is controlled by another BSIV-agreeable motor that is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The 249.6cc single-chamber, fluid cooled motor produces 26.3 PS of intensity at 8500rpm and 22.9Nm of torque at 7000rpm. The braking system includes a 296mm front and 220mm backplate brake, with double channel ABS on the higher variation.

Here is the Review.

Honda CBR 250R Review

1. KTM Duke 250

  • Displacement: 248.8cc
  •  Mileage: 25 kmpl
  •  Max Power: 29.58 bhp @ 9000 rpm
  •  Max Torque: 24 Nm @ 7500 rpm
  •  No of Gears: 6
  •  Top Speed: 145 kmph
  •   Fuel tank capacity: 13.5L
  •   Price in Nepal: Rs. 5,49,900
bikes in nepal, KTM Duke 250
KTM Duke 250

One may confuse the Duke 250 for the greater 390, as both come with a similar casing and the new structure, however, the 250 doesn’t get the all-LED headlamp arrangement. This bike additionally passes up the TFT shading show, which is both found on the greater sibling.

Additionally, the absence of ABS even as a choice may be a side road for potential clients. The all-new 250 uses a 250cc single-chamber, fluid cooled and fuel-infused engine which produces 30hp and 24Nm and comes mated to a shoe grip prepared six-speed gearbox.

Here is the review of this bike.

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