Mount Everest, originally known as Sagarmatha, is the highest peak in the world which is situated in the Eastern part of Nepal. Thousands of people come to watch or climb this mountain every year. You may have heard or read about this mountain before. But, today we are going to show you some unheard and fresh facts about the Mount Everest.

Mount Everest

Let’s see the top 10 facts you probably didn’t about the Mount Everest.

  1. Mount Everest has the height of 8848 m above from the sea level which makes it the highest peak on Earth.

2. The English Name ‘Everest’ for the mountain was given by the Royal Geographical Society in honor of the British surveyor and geographer, Sir George Everest. The original name given by local was ‘Chomolungma’ which was later changed into ‘Sagarmatha’ by Nepal authorities in the 1960s.

3. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa ascended the Mount Everest summit for the first time in history on May 29, 1953.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa
Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa

4. Till 2016, 4,469 people have successfully climbed Mount Everest. Some of them climbed multiple times and the total Mt Everest summits were 7,646 times.

5. In 2018 alone, 800 people successfully summited the Mount Everest breaking the record for most in one year compared to 2013, in which 667 people summited.

6. Kami Rita Sherpa holds the record for most ascents to the summit of Mount Everest for the 22nd time.

Kami Rita Sherpa
Kami Rita Sherpa

7. The oldest person to climb Mount Everest was Yuichiro Miura from Japan at age 80, while the youngest was Jordan Romero from America at age 13.

8. Around 265 people have died on Everest between 1922 to 2014. Among them 82 were Nepalis and 77 were foreigners.

9. It takes overall two months to climb Mount Everest. The expedition begins from Everest Base Camp which is situated at the height of 5,300 meters.

10. It takes $35,000 to $65,000 cost to climb Mount Everest which includes royalty fee, pollution control fee, porters and guide fee, etc.

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