Top 5 Air Purifiers In Nepal

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Air quality has degraded in recent years in major urban centres in Nepal. think about dirt, smoke and fog. Therefore, the interest in purchasing air purifiers is increasing. So, here are the 5 major air purifiers in the Nepali market.


The brand Phillips is well known in Nepal. Phillips produces a range of air purifiers. Their brand Philips AC4014 /02 comes with advanced filtration systems. It can filter our bacteria, harmful agents and allergens. It also has devices that measure and can control indoor air quality.

Philips Air Purifier


Nepalis are aware of this Indian brand as well. Kent as a company produces many different types of appliances. Air purifiers are one of those. Kent uses Japanese technology called High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA in short. This air purifier also shows the air quality inside the room.

Kent Air Purifier

Blue Air

This is a European brand from Sweden. Their purifiers are very advanced. They come with Wi-Fi and sensors that read the air quality. Blue Air purifiers remove almost all airborne pollutants.

Blue Air Purifier


This is an American brand. Whirlpool company produces dozens of products. Air purifiers are one of them. Their purifiers can remove pollutants, bacteria and virus from air. Thus, letting you breathe clean and pure air. Their purifiers also remove allergens too. Whirlpool purifiers also come with smell and dust sensors.

Whirlpool Air Purifier


You might think that Xiaomi as a smartphone manufacturer. However, Xiaomi also makes air purifiers. You can control Mi Air Purifier 2S and Mi Air Purifier 3 models using Mi Home App. These two models come with laser particle sensor and OLED display. The interesting thing is you can run these models with a voice assistant.

Xiaomi Air Purifier

These are the five most popular air purifiers that we can think of. If you think that we need to add other brands in this list, do let us know by commenting below.


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