Ex-King Gyanendra at a Night Club
Ex-King Gyanendra at a Night Club

18th November. Kathmandu – Ex-King Gyanendra at a Night Club

We all need some time for entertainment. This applies to all people. Recently, a video has surfaced showing Ex-King and his family unwinding at Lord of the Drinks Club at Thamel. They spent about an hour in the club.

Along with Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah were his daughter Prerana and daughter-in-law, Himani Shah. Ex-King Gyanendra at a Night Club, wearing Dhaka Topi, coat and pants. He danced to the tune of national songs. Before leaving, he even gave a flying kiss to the other participants.

Here is the video:

Among other persons who were in at the club were actress Keki Adhikari and Rima Biswokarma. Ex-King Gyanendra was looking very approachable and in a jolly mood. Keki Adhikari recalls the ex-King telling her that he really liked her films. Keki said she felt good to know this.

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