Though a small country, Nepal has a variety of climates. You can find Sub-tropical Climate in the south to Alpine Climate in the north.

That transition takes place within the average width of 193 kilometers.

Image showing June Text
The month of June

Nepal is trekker’s paradise. The variation in terrain and climate means you can find enough trekking trails all year round.

June is the middle of summer in nepal. The average temperature in Kathmandu (capital city) is around 30 degrees in the day and that drops to 18 degrees in the night.

June is the monsoon season in Nepal. You need to be prepared with rain gear. The trekking trails will be muddy.

One thing that will favor your June trekking is the presence of rain shadow areas in places like Upper Mustang Trek.

Image of a scene of Mustang
How about this desert like terrain?

June trek also makes sense in high altitudes, where trekking in winter, spring or autumn will be harsh due to cold.

If you are looking to trek in June, here are our recommendation.

  • Upper Mustang Trek
  • Nar Phu Valley Trek
  • Everest Base Camp Trek


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