Are you familiar with basic machine learning? You’ve probably heard a little bit about AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is a technology that functions like a human brain. Well, basic machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. But, what’s more? Let’s learn a little in-depth about basic machine learning.

Defining Machine Learning:

In simple words, ‘Machine learning’ is making computers able to program themselves. Machine learning enables the systems to learn and improve from their experiences on their own. Machine learning uses data, processing, and output to make decisions even without explicit programming.

Machine Learning is making computers able to program themselves.

Bill Gates says, “A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth ten Microsofts.”

Machine learning is used in Web Search, Banking and Finance, E-commerce, and many other industries. Even Facebook uses machine learning to personalize each user’s feed.

Types Of Machine Learning:

There are three types of Machine Learning:

1.Supervised Learning Algorithms: It predicts a future outcome based on historical data. It provides labeled examples to the new data so that the outcome comes out accurate. This algorithm develops an inferred function to assume the output values.

2. Unsupervised Learning Algorithms: It identifies patterns in input data. This type of learning observes how systems are capable of inferring a function to define a hidden structure from data that is unlabeled. However, the outputs from unsupervised learning are usually inaccurate.

3. Reinforcement Learning: It interacts with the dynamic environment to provide feedback to the user. Some of its characteristics are trial, error search, and delayed reward. This method makes several machines and software agents to assume the ideal behavior to improve its performance on its own.

Although machine learning aims to create machines able to perform tasks by itself, machines still require human operators. Operators set the context and input parameters for task execution.


Let’s go through a small recap of everything we have discussed so far.

  1. Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. It can make systems be able to better their performance on their own.
  3. Machine Learning is used in Google Web search, Amazon and Netflix offers and recommendations, E-commerce, and more.
  4. There are three types of machine learning such as Supervised Learning Algorithm, Unsupervised Learning Algorithm, and Reinforcement Learning.
  5. However, machines still need humans to operate.
Machine learning explained

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