You have heard a lot about meditation benefits. You want to start meditating, but you find it annoying. You are not able to focus. Don’t you?

If so, we have solutions for you.

Meditation can flourish your career, social life as well as health. With that being said, you should try to make the most out of your meditation.

It’s pretty common to feel uncomfortable when starting meditation. But, with regular practice, you will learn to enjoy meditation.

Let’s break down three important lessons to make your meditation effective. These lessons will make meditation simple, clear and easy to practice.

1. Correct posture

For correct posture, maintain alignment, relaxation, and stillness.
Correct posture

Right body posture comforts you while meditating. For the correct position, you should maintain Alignment, Relaxation, and Stillness. These help you focus better.

Make sure your body is aligned when you sit to meditate. Be relaxed. Do not stress your body muscles. Along with that, stay still throughout the session. Avoid movements.

2. Deep breathing

Breathe correctly and deeply.
Deep breathing

Breathing is the key to meditation. Breathing relaxes your body and keeps you focused. Make sure you breathe correctly.

The correct way to breathe is doing it slowly and deeply. Inhale from your nose, hold the breath for few seconds and exhale from the mouth. Feel your breath. Stick to your breathing pattern.

3. Start by doing less

Don't meditate for long.
Start by doing less

If you are new to meditation, during your initial days limit your session to less than 5 minutes. Until and unless you start to enjoy, don’t meditate for long.

As you progress day by day, you can add up a few more minutes in your session. With these lessons, you will improve gradually and won’t be feeling any pressure.

Follow these 3 lessons to kick-start your meditation. Once you learn this lesson, you will start to enjoy your meditation session. Moreover, you will turn into a pro.


  • Maintain a correct posture to gain better focus.
  • Breathe correctly to relax your body and mind.
  • In the early days, meditate for 5 minutes only.

Good luck.

3 Important Lessons For Meditation Beginners

Do you know other lessons for meditation beginner? If you remember, share with us in the comment.

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