Photo of Supushpa Bhatta

Supushpa Bhatta entered the Kollywood as an actress from the film “Ranabir“. Ranabir did not really do well in the box office.

Supushpa is actually studying Chartered Accountancy. However, this has not stopped her from acting.

Supushpa is a comparatively new actress. She has done two films till now. One is Ranabir and another is “Chha Maya Chappakai“. However, she still thinks that the audience does not know enough of her.

Supuspha Bhatta is now working on “Chapali Height 3“. Chapali Height film series started in 2012 as an erotic psychological thriller. And Chapali Height 2, as a psychological thriller, was released in 2016.

Chapali Height 3 is releasing on 28th Chaitra 2019. We hope Supushpa will live up to audience expectations.

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