Nepal is known as a religious country in the world. Nepal and the Nepali are well known for the cultural thing and the love, respect, that they give and earned from people of a different country.

Similarly, Nepali people are also known for their famous dishes which gets lots of good comments from the people of the different corner.

‘Gundruk Ko Achar’ is also one of the main dishes in Nepal which shows the Nepalipan in the dishes, and it is famous as it tastes good.

'Gundruk Ko Achar'
‘Gundruk Ko Achar’

You can watch the receipe of ‘Gundruk Ko Achar’ in the below video.

‘Gundruk Ko Achar’ Recipe

‘Gundruk Ko Achar’ tastes well with Nepali khana that is rice, dal, and sabji.It is also one of the Nepalese cuisine side dishes which tastes better with makai, bhatmas and goes well as breakfast/lunch in the village area.

Make a delicious ‘Gundruk Ko Achar’ and serve it with your loved ones and enjoy it. And share this article if you like it.


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