‘Kakro’ commonly known as a cucumber is a creeping vine used as a vegetable. There are different types of cucumbers such as Slicing, Pickling, Gherkin cucumber, and among them, pickling cucumber is best for making cucumber pickles (kakro ko achar).

Guys, you can start making cucumber pickle by cutting cucumber into small pieces and adding various spices such as cumin seeds, turmeric, chili, coriander seeds, salt, and other spices according to your taste. You should add small pieces of boiled potatoes in the cucumber pickle.

You can make spicy cucumber pickle by watching the given below.

Making of spicy cucumber pickle

Cucumber from different parts of the world differs slightly from Nepali cucumbers. Pickles of cucumber mainly helps to improve digestive issues. ‘Kakro ko achaar’ is one of the Nepali favorite pickle recipes. It is prepared for personal eating in-home and also for a special occasion like Wedding, Dashain, and Tihar.

Making of Nepalese-style cucumber pickle, Image source: saagukhaja

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