The price of gold in the Nepali market has reached Rs 91,000. According to the Federation of Nepali Gold and Silver Entrepreneurs, the price of gold set for Monday was the highest ever.

The federation has fixed the price of gold at Rs 91,000 per ounce for Monday and Rs 90,565 per ounce for gold. Chhapawal gold was traded at Rs 90,600 and Tejawi gold at Rs 90,300 on Sunday. The price of silver rose by Rs 10 per tola to Rs 950 on Monday as compared to Sunday.

The federation has stated that the gold and silver business, which was closed before the lockdown, has not been fully reopened yet. The federation has fixed the price of gold after the government eased the timber, but it has also stated in a statement that it will not be able to buy back much gold at once as the price has gone up.

FNCCI General Secretary Dharmasundar Bajracharya said that the number of customers coming to sell gold in some of the open shops has increased.


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