In an ancient period of Nepal, there is a trend of keeping multiple wives by the king. They were called with different name Badamaharani, Maharani, Rani, and Nani respectively. Only Badamaharani is exposed to the citizen and the rest of others were being prisoned in Narayanhity Palace where there is a separate palace to keep the king’s wives. and it is the palace, where the Shree 3 Maharaj Rada Dip Singh is killed.

Here is a short video glimpse of King’s polygamy.

Wives of King Tribhuwan
Present Condition of secret Palace for King’s wives.

This is the palace where King’s wives were hidden form the citizen and kept as a captive in their own palace. In the palace, there are separate mids for their care.

Shree 3 Maharaj Rada Dip Singh

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