Have you ever heard the name Apil Tripathi or Chhadke? If no, then let’s watch a program by him. He is the one to win the case against Nepal Telecom for the delay in the new connection.

Apil Tripathi is a Journalist from Pokhara who is currently working in Gandaki Television. Mr Tripathi is the presenter of the show ‘Chhadke’, and the show is telecasted in official youtube channel of Gandaki Television every Friday.

Mr Apil had been running ‘Chhadke’ program for more than a year. In that show, he would cross-check the governmental offices as discipline and working behaviour lacks there.

Currently, Chhadke program is on its 65 episodes. His questioning skills are relevant and loved by many as he raises the problem that we are facing in daily life.

You can watch some of the best episodes of ‘Chhadke’ program as below:

Apil Tripathi is getting the support from the viewers as his this step contributes to national development. To be personal, Apil and his program influence me as I am one of his viewers.

You can follow Apil Tripathi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apil.tripathi

You can watch Apil Tripathi show on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFXkeaQX-uGq_p9dMco-xBQ

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