Nepal has all sorts of terrain from the sub-tropical plains to the alpine high mountains. In order to see this, all you need to do is visit Nepal. Whatever, the season you will find trekking trails waiting for you.

Trekking to the Himalayan region can be done during March. As March begins, the winter is gone and the spring season starts. The weather is warm and stable.

At the foothills of the high Himalayas, the rhododendron blossoms while the snow is perched on the top of the Himalayas.

The whole region comes alive with valleys begin to look green and the migratory birds are back.

This is the picture of Himalayas in March. You can choose to take following treks during March

  • Everest Region Trek
  • Annapurna Region Trek
  • Manaslu Circuit Trek
  • Kanchenjunga Region Trek
  • Langtang Region Trek
Image of suspension bridge
Suspension bridge Nepali Style

Of course, you can choose to trek at other parts of Nepal as well. Like I said Nepal offers everyone something in any season.


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