Due to the rising number of people who want to get to the top of the world’s highest mountain, it has led to pollution. The human activities in and around Everest Camps and villages nearby and the pathways are polluted.

Another frightening thing on Everest is that there are more than 200 bodies that lie in the Everest region. As of now, the number of people getting permits to climb Everest is around 700 for a year.

Image of a dead body

These many people produce lots of wastage such as oxygen bottles, gears, and plastics. In the Everest base camp, there are toilet facilities but other four base camps do not have toilets. So the climbers just dig holes, do their duty and leave. This means the human waste on Mount Everest is increasing. This is causing other problems.

Image of garbage
The unwanted things.

More than 1.4 billion people depend on water from the rivers of Himalaya. This means people dependent on the Himalayan river water are at risk of contamination from human excreta as well as dead bodies that lie on the sheets of snow high above in the Himalayas from where these rivers begin their journey.


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