Laphing is a cold green gram noodle dish with a piece of tofu wrapped inside. It is known for its spicy and delicious taste. The laphing noodles has a slippery texture and are served with soy sauce. It can be eaten with raw noodles, red pepper chili, green onion sauce, and coriander.

You can watch the video below, to make spicy Laphing noodle recipe.

How to make spicy Laphing noodle

The main ingredients of laphing are soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, cilantro, garlic, onion, and starch. It is street food and generally found in Asian countries. In the recent years, Laphing has become one of the best street food in Nepal and is loved by most of the youths.

Making of spicy Laphing
Making of spicy Laphing

There are no corners in Kathmandu city where this dish can not be found. Guys, you should try it once, and I bet you that one plate will not anywhere near enough. 

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