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How To Make Nepalese Potato Salad ‘Aalu Ko Achar’?

The spicy potato salad 'aalu ko achar' is one of the most common pickle dishes in Nepal. Every Nepali would have had this potato...

How To Start A Fire With A Lemon? Awesome trick!!

The lemon is a species of a small evergreen tree in the blooming plant family Rutaceae. The trees ellipsoidal yellow fruit is used for...

How To Make Dried Meat Curry ‘Sukuti Tarkari’?

'Sukuti' is a traditional dried meat dish of Limbu people consumed especially in Nepal. Sukuti tarkari can be made directly by mixing with other...

How To Make Spicy Laphing Noodle Recipe?

Laphing is a cold green gram noodle dish with a piece of tofu wrapped inside. It is known for its spicy and delicious taste....

How To Make Nepalese-Style Mushroom Curry?

Mushroom curry is the perfect choice for vegetarians. They are fleshy and edible fruit bodies of several species of fungi, and it also looks...

How To Cook Delicious Fish Curry At Home?

Spicy fish curry is delicious and is eaten mostly in south-Asian countries like Nepal, India, Maldives, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh. Even I like to eat...

How To Make Delicious Mango Pickle (Aap Ko Achar)?

Mango is mostly eaten ripen or can be eaten raw and raw mango is also used to make pickle. There are varied types of...

How To Make Momo Soup Chutney (Momo Ko Jhol Achar)?

'Momo' is a type of dumpling filled with meat or vegetables. It has been popular in Nepal since centuries. Momo without momo ko achaar...

How Chocolate Is Made In The Factory?

Chocolate is sweet nutrition made from the cocoa beans. It is one of the most popular sweets in the world and comes in different...

How To Make Tibetan/Nepalese Buff Thukpa?

Thukpa is a noodle soup and fast food loved in many countries like Nepal, Korea, Japan, India, and China. Thukpa is eaten with different...
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