Yes we know, the internet is still taken over by James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama! And, it is not going to slow down any time soon.

A brief little summary of everything that happened –

  1. Tati had had a huge role in building James’s career.
  2. James always came over to Tati’s for her help.
  3. Tati supported James in every way she could.
  4. James didn’t support Tati as much.
  5. James has an eyeshadow palette and Tati promoted it a lot.
  6. But, James hasn’t promoted Tati’s Halo Beauty product as much.
  7. Recently, James did an ad for Sugarbear Hair, Tati’s #1 competitor.
  8. Tati saw it and posted stories while crying and feeling betrayed.
  9. and more…

So, ever since the drama, the two have had massive changes in their subscriber count! James has lost already 2.5 million sisters. Meanwhile, Tati is super close to 9 million subscribers.


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